Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear 2011, Let Me Be Skinny This Year

Everyone is saying new beginnings, new you....blah blah blah. Well, ever since I started dating Matt, we've  had a third We decided we need to shed some pounds, start eating healthier, watch the Biggest Loser and motivate each other to continue working out.

Yesterday we were on such a good roll when we changed into our workout clothes, filled up our water bottles, walked to the gym - to then find out you have to have a pass to get into his apartment gym....which of course he didn't have and has never received. Go figure!

I decided to take charge and take on the roll of Jillian Michaels and demand we walk around his apartment complex (why waste a good workout outfit to just walk across the parking lot?!). Not only did the rain turn into sleet, but I lost all feeling in my legs from the cold since it was about 30 degrees outside. But no, that didn't stop me from continuously finding paths for us to explore and walk on. Take that Jillian!

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Lenzi said...

So proud ;) Hope you don't have frost bite friend!