Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My generation wasn't big on I Love Lucy, but for those of you that remember, one of my favorite episodes was Vitameatavegamin. You can't help but die laughing as she drinks more cough syrup and gets loopier. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, watch it below.

When it comes to medicine/pills, some people hate them. Well, I love them - if it comes in an eraser sized capsule, pop it in, swallow and call me a happy camper. My dear friend, Lenzi, has watched me take my daily dose of vitamins in the morning and been left in confusion. I must admit I do have the nickname of "Pop" because of the fact I pop so many pills in the morning. For clarification, I am only popping vitamins and supplements.

Anyways, Lenzi has since requested a post on the vitamins I take and what they're for. I'm by no means a health fanatic, but I try and cancel out all of the bad stuff I do for my body with something good. Now, grab a drink, you may be here for a while.

Vitamin C - We all know this comes in orange juice - but it's a huge factor in fighting off illness and helping the immune system - along with other health benefits too.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D deficiency is now the new "thing" doctors are saying all women have. We get Vitamin D from the sun and certain foods, but when you have a job, how are you supposed to sit in the sun while it's out? It helps build strong bones and allows your body to absorb calcium.  

Vitamin E - When I was in high school and having trouble with pimples, the dermatologist suggested I take Vitamin E to help with my skin. It helps the aging process and skin cells.

Multivitamin for Women - Basically, what I don't get in everything else I take, I'm bound to get it in this little pill.

Biotin - If you're like me, ever since I was a teenage my hair has lost its thickness. Well, this helps with hair loss/thinning, along with brittle nails.

Fish Oil - Currently, I have halted this one - it tastes funny when I burp (not ladylike, I know mom). This one is good for your heart, mental health and aging.

Green Tea Pills - Helps the body decrease fat absorption and boosts the metabolism. It also has good chemicals in it to aid digestion and prevent liver damage - I need all the help I can get!

Melatonin - I use this to help me fall asleep (instead of tylenol PM) because I wake up without feeling groggy. It's a natural chemical your body releases when it's bedtime and this just gives it a jump start and helps you stay asleep. Within 30 minutes of taking it, my eyelids are already drooping.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - I take a shot of this every morning and sometime in the afternoon. I was originally told by the manager at the gym I needed this to clean out my system after long weekends of binge drinking - aka LSU football weekends. It's actually used to regulate you, flush out your stomach, liver, kidneys, give you an energy boost, prevent acne and help with any kind of stomach issues (reflux, gout, indigestion).

Neti Pot - If you have sinus problems or feel something coming on, this thing works wonders!!! You pour it into one nostril and it comes out of the other one. It's funny to watch, but really works. Watch How to Here.

And this concludes my Vitamins 101. Have a healthy day!


Lenzi said...

So when I read the Post Title I got WAYYYYY excited friend!! Thank you! I feel so excited to try some of this!
I'm definiltey going to add Vit D, Biotin, Vit E, Green Tea Pills...and MAYBE the vinegar, but ONLY after binge drinking! I needed to read this so badly! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Victoria @ Confessions of a Twenties Girl said...

Ok, I went through a phase in high school where I was OBSESSED with I Love Lucy. Love that episode!! Love this post too! I'm big on vitamins and de-toxing drinks. I'm drying out this new "de-tox" tea.