Monday, April 4, 2011

Cabin Fever

A couple weekends ago, I went home to Matt's family cabin to meet his sister who was in town from Colorado. It's a four bedroom cabin on a lake, without a TV, and is incredibly peaceful. We got in late Friday night, so we pretty much chatted for an hour with his parents and sister and then off to bed we went.

On Saturday, they decided to prank me. The whole family played along that we were going to a white linen table cloth restaurant for brunch. I was panicked because I was told we were going to ride four-wheelers and be at the cabin. What would any girl pack for that - jeans and t-shirts. Luckily, I packed a cute scarf, jacket and boots. Oh no, joke's on me - it was a hole-in-the-wall convenient store breakfast place. On the wall next to me were fishing hooks and different kinds of bait. You get my drift. I played along nicely so I didn't look like too much of a fool. The breakfast was incredible, but the white linen was lacking.

The rest of the day/night we rode four-wheelers, grilled out, played board games, had some brewskies and hung out. I should have never done crunches prior to that weekend because I spent the whole time cracking up. While riding four-wheelers, Matt captured this picture - I promise it's not a Microsoft desktop background, but it's so good it looks like one.

While riding, I found what I thought was something they used to have on our playgrounds in elementary school. Come to find out later, it was where horseback riders tie their horses up when they take a break to rest on the bench. Anyways, Angela and I decided to hang upside down and Matt captured how attractive we are when we're hung upside down. Later on, Matt's mom, Charmie, decided to hop on the four-wheeler with Angela and she was fearless!

I have rekindled my love with the outdoors - as long as I'm prepared ahead of time to get dirty, I can handle it! Can't wait to go back and ride feel like you worked out the next day when really all your did was ride and drink beer - gosh I love spring/fall!

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