Friday, April 22, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail..

While I'm missing out on an Easter Egg hunt this year, I decided I'd give you some facts about eggs:

1. Turkeys also lay eggs, but you aren’t likely to find them in a grocery store

2. The average hen lays 250 to 270 eggs a year

3. The color of an egg yolk is determined by hen’s diet

4. An analysis of another dinosaur egg nest helped solve the age-old riddle of which came first

I hope everyone has a Good Friday whether you're at home or work (like me). My family is on the road and headed this way to Nashville - mom, dad and brother! I have a lot planned and can't wait.....c'mon 4:30PM! Matt's family is coming too and, like my mom says, we're having a Meet The Fockers weekend. I hope everyone has a eggstraordinary Easter!

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Victoria @ Confessions of a Twenties Girl said...

Can't wait to read about the Meet the Fockers weekend! So fun!