Friday, July 16, 2010

Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud

Beautiful St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square!

Although I've moved to Tennessee, my heart remains in Louisiana. Tennesseans just don't understand the way of life down in the bayou nor the consumption of alcohol. Since the name of my blog mentions being Overserved, I must point out the differences.

There are several things they just don't get, but these are the things I LOVE:
  • Daquiris....smoothies for adults
  • Parades.....yes, we have them for EVERYTHING
  • Grocery stores that sell wine, beer and liquor....including your local Super Wal-Mart
  • Open container long as the driver doesn't have one
  • Tailgating...nuff said

This is a cute sign my mom saw that made her think of me.... I'm going to paint it

If you're from Louisiana, you recognize this....daiquiris shop....PARTY for your TASTEBUDS!

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