Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four Seasons - Nature, Not The Hotel

"Nature never goes out of style." ~Author Unknown

Sunday was a beautiful day: not a cloud in the sky, high of around 80 degrees and it was beginning to feel fall-like. How can you possible stay indoors when it looks like this outside?!?!

Victoria, Jessica and I went for a walk at Lake Radnor. The trees have started changing colors and it was beautiful! We saw several deer and some turkeys, too. Also, it's been noted that Nicole Kidman walks at this lake/park from time-to-time.

Not so recently discovered: I am my father's daughter. I never understood his fascination with trees changing colors until I moved to Nashville. Now, I'm that crazy driver swirving to the shoulder so I can stop and get a picture of a tree. Yes, a tree. Don't judge. We don't have a chance to witness this back in Louisiana, it's all brown or green.....take your pick.

Unfortunately, this year has had less rain and the trees aren't as colorful. Don't lose hope, I still captured some. Make fun of my tree pictures if you may, but I love that I experience all four seasons....not one - hot and humid - but four!

I'll try and limit myself to only one post of tree pictures for those of you who don't share my appreciation. It's too hard to choose, so I had to post them all! Go green - or red, yellow and orange!

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