Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody....

I wanna feel the heat with somebody! This what we sang our hearts out to at Tribe, one of Nashville's gay bars.
Let me start from the beginning. It was Andy's birthday on Friday and we celebrated Saturday by going to dinner at Suzy Wong's House of Yum where the food was delicious and reasonable. Originally, Andy planned to go out for drinks following dinner, until we realized there were two gay bars next door. None of us had ventured out to a gay bar before so we thought why not for fun and giggles!?! All of us were ready to experience this new world except Victoria, who was slightly skeptical and cracking me up telling herself "I can do this"......and this was all just to walk into the bar. *NOTE: We are all straight women who love everyone no matter what their sexual preference is, we just prefer men.

Me and the birthday girl!

It was fairly early, so we had a drink and watched the crazy music videos they had playing on screens around the bar and the uncomfortable faces Victoria made. Victoria likes to compare everything to Sex and the City, and boy, she was Charlotte to a tee that night! Three drinks in, I was ready to shake my groove thing! I asked Ryan (our adorable waitor) when the dance party started and he said around 10PM or I could start it myself. I was not there - yet. About 30 minutes later I started dancing with one of the guys there and he asked which one of my friends would want to dance with his friend - that'd be Victoria, aka Charlotte the uncomfortable one. After telling me she hated me, she let lose and low and behold, by the end of the night she was owning the dance floor.....apparently Samantha rubbed off on Charlotte!

We'd been there for almost two hours and had not heard a Britney song, so we jumped to it and requested Toxic and Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody....we thought they'd be a hit.....not so much. We thoroughly enjoyed it anyways.

Ashley, our new male dance partner, had the best moves I've ever seen and the quirckiest personality. Andy did some dancing and dropping it low with him until her feet couldn't stand any longer. Like a G6 came on and I'd been waiting to hear that song all night! Needless to say, Ashley booty danced all on me, violated my bubble, shocked me to extreme and Andy captured it all on camera. 

*Email me if you'd like a preview. They have been removed due to MB's suggestion.

After this wonderful dance off, strip tease or whatever you want to call it, it was hot and the bar was getting too frisky for our liking. Andy had a happy, happy birthday and we marked it down in history as our gay bar de-flowering. Best. Night. Ever.

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