Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tigers, Tennessee and Tubas

First off, I'll say I stayed true to my blog's name and was overserved (not my fault of course). Anyways, Lenzi and I started our journey to the great state of Louisiana making a pit stop in Meridian, MS. This is when I saw wine in the gas stations and knew we were that much closer to Tiger Land. We were asked by a creepy cop if we were headed to the local high school homecoming. For the record, neither of us were dressed for the occasion, but we accepted the compliment and said we were three years out of college and I thought to myself I probably act like a high schooler occasionally. Once we hopped on I-12, traffic came to a complete stop...we were so close! We detoured off on country roads and sang to our own tune "Country roads, take me home to a place where I belong".
By the time we made it to Baton Rouge, we just wanted to have a drink and catch up with friend....and so that we did.

Saturday: Rise and shine, it's tiger time! Bloody Mary and Mimosas were served at 8AM while we got ready and headed to campus at 10AM. I had on my "personality" (red lips) and "Hollywood" (gold glasses) were coming out to play! The game was at 2:30 and from here on out, I'm boycotting day games. They ruin the atmosphere and schedule I have down for tailgating...once you get situated, it was time to go into the game and was dark when you get out. I'm. Totally. And. Completely. Over. It.

We entered the stadium the way we do best....prohibition smuggler style. After a wild goose chase up, down, around and over people in the stadium (thanks to LP), we finally found our seats. Thanks to Caitlin's dad we got some awesome tickets in the shade with a great view! The game was a rough one and brought tears to my eyes because we lost to Tennessee and then won. During the 30 second duration of losing I began crying I couldn't go back to TN because I'd have to endure too much LSU bashing. Boy, were we confused when they came back on the field. When they guys around us didn't know what was going on either, I knew it wasn't just me. Low and behold, we somehow managed to pull off another "W".

After jumping for joy, waiting for everyone else to leave and witnessing a fight between TN frat boys and a 50-year-old we began our eventful exit. In case you were wondering, the band does not want to dance (maybe it's just with me, but I'll pretend not). Tuba players were not appreciative of these moves. "Hot cop" was escorting the band out of the stadium when Kim, Marci and JB got their flirt on, successfully getting some digits. In the meantime, I felt it was necessary to pretend to be escorted out of the stadium.

By the time we got out of there, it was getting dark. You know what that means - dance party PGA tailgate style. This is when everything begins to get blurry for all of us, yes, all of us - not just me. All I know is I must have danced my heart out because I felt like I did 500 squats the next day. Dancing didn't stop here. Walk Ons had an awesome rap cover band that I thoroughly enjoyed; while Caitlin felt the need to babysit the car until Lenzi showed up. Once being physically pulled away from dancing, it was time to go home. (I don't know why I want to dance all the time now.....maybe the need to let free, maybe the music, but definitely not the booze.)

Oh Sunday, were rough. That was the longest car ride of my life and by far Lenzi's second to worst. Once making it to Memphis to drop Lenzi off, I decided I was a no-go to head home to Nashville. It all worked out because I got to spend the night and celebrate Lenzi's dad's birthday. I woke up at 4AM and headed back to Nashville after some sleep and a home cooked meal, but boy did that make for a long Monday. 

All in all, we'll say this was a warm up round for the LSU vs. Bama game on November 6th. Like my friend Allie said, "maybe you should look into taking off of work Friday AND Monday after the LSU vs. Bama game." Good call!

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