Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cutting 101

Dangerous, I know - Matt giving me a top knotch professional cutting utensil. He witnessed my lack of motor skills when it comes to kitchen utensils last week. This week, we decided to make crawfish etoufee for dinner Monday night and he bought me my own cutting board so we could cut at the same time and have cutting lessons.

Cutting 101 Lessons - or things I was corrected on time-and-time again:
  • Where I set the knife - apparently it's a hazard to sit it on a pot
  • How to wipe the blade - blade facing down and with your thumb and index finger
  • To use your knuckles as guides - "where's your thumb?!? It's going to be cut off!"
  • Keep your towel over your shoulder to wipe your hands - I just so happened to have a Jose Cuervo towel
  • Glide the knife forward - DON'T use weight as force!

As soon as I thought I was finished, he had something else for me to cut. Did you know that there are certain ways to cut certain foods?!?! Who knew!

It didn't take long for me to lose interest in this and I moved onto washing the dishes. Once I lost interest in that, it was dessert making time and I made Oreo truffles. Bless his heart, it takes a lot of patience to put up with me, but he did it - while listening to several complaints. Although, now that I think of it, he may have listened to my complaints, but I listened to him yell "ieeee" all night while asking why I couldn't make the cajun noise when I'm from Louisiana.

Overall, we decided we make such a good cooking team that we should have our own cooking show. Plot - our backs are facing each other, he's instructing me on what to do, I'm not listening or measuring and I make fun of him the whole time.


Robin said...
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Lenzi said...

You two make a wonderful team indeed! I want some of that delicious looking etoufee!

Victoria said...

I agree with Lenzi... on both her statements. And can I get a Oreo truffle on the side too? :-)