Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unwanted Vow of Silence

One of the worst things in the world for me is not being able to talk. I have too much to say. My fingers get tired from texting trying to keep up with my brain. Anyways, I can't figure out why, but I lose my voice just about everytime I go out. It's crazy how it's shot in no time and usually takes until Friday to get it back. Pretty much, if I don't have my voice on Monday at work, everyone knows I had a fantastic weekend. My friend's (Erin) mom always asks the Sunday after gameday if I have my voice in order to know what kind of day we had. As you know, it was a great weekend and suprisingly I already have my voice back and it's only Wednesday!!! Lucky for everyone around me, I'm back, in action and ready to talk it up!

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