Monday, November 8, 2010

All I Do Is Win

Weekend Recap - Friday - we got in around 1:00 and had lunch with some girls. Kim wanted ice cream afterwards, I opted for a daquiris even if it was only 3:00 - don't judge. When happy hour actually came a callin', Erin and I met up with our families and went to dinner at Mike Anderson's where I apparently became bossy (shocking, I know) and order seafood platter and a beer - I say a beer because technically it was only one glass. This is where the Simmons family Christmas card comes into play. This should be framed and hung above the mantle if you ask me!
After dinner the family went to Chelsea's, said hey to everyone and dropped me off. It was so good to see so many college friends and all be together again. We all listened to Rebirth Brass Band...amazing and totally NOLA.
Saturday - GAMEDAY baby!!! As you know, I'm not a fan of day games, but this one wasn't all that bad. I met up with the family (who did a good job of "hangin'"), did some tailgating, saw some friends and froze at the game. The highlight of the weekend (as usual) is the PGA tailgate. I have got to remember what PGA stands for because I recall it's hilarious! After the game - you know, the one where we kicked Bama's butt - everyone leaving the stadium passed our tailgate. We must have listened to All I Do Is Win over twenty-five times and had the whole street dancing and singing. Dance party 2010. Limbo stick, short-off, you name it, we did it!
Prior to the weekend we decided Teach Me How To Dougie was going to be our theme song, that is until we found the Like Bernie video. I struggle with the Dougie, but I sure can bust a move of Bernie! Is this not hysterical?!

After dancing, limbo, several drinks and fist pumping we gathered for a picture that pretty much sums up the night. This pic makes me so happy! Love all of you ladies!
Sunday - This ride home was much better than the previous. It may have taken Lenzi and I two hours to make it to the interstate due to eating our way across Baton Rouge, but we made it back! On our ride home Lenzi and I discussed a girls trip where we actually remember everything and there's no alcohol weekend maybe?!

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Victoria said...

So fun Leighanne! I was thinking about y'all the entire weekend. GEAUX TIGERS!