Thursday, November 4, 2010

Death Valley Here We Come!

I am counting down the minutes until I can get out of this joint and put the pedal the medal - Tiger Town bound. This trip back to BR will last longer than the previous 36 hour trip and be a whole 48 hours--watch out! Family dinner, out with the girls, nap, tailgating, dancing, dougie-ing, a little nap and hopefully a much easier car ride home this go round. I may have to sport my Nick Saban PGA T-shirt when it's T-shirt time!

Just for giggles -
What do a maggot and an Alabama fan have in common? They can both live off of a dead bear for 20 years.

Check out the countdown on the right and you'll know how close we are! I'm accepting suggestions for the next countdown clock. Perhaps, the amount days until I can retire, like off of my 401K, etc.

All I Do Is Win......if this doesn't get you pumped, you must be unfortunate and not be a part of the SEC.



Lenzi said...

I'm more than likely going to have an LSU Hype video played at my funeral...just sayin.

Robin said...

yeah yeah leave me here