Monday, November 15, 2010

You're Welcome any day but Monday-Sunday

So, this weekend was Victoria's birthday weekend celebration and her request was to try out a new restaurant/bar that opened in downtown Nashville.
We started off with drinks at her place beforehand, gather our belongings and go-cups of course and headed on to Puckett's where we would later get kicked out. Around 9:00PM two older men got up on stage, guitars in hand, and began entertaining. First off, these were not the men scheduled to sing because the men scheduled on Puckett's website we're H-O-T hot! Secondly, we were going to dinner at Puckett's, not Bluebird Cafe. (You aren't allowed to talk at Bluebird because you are solely there to hear people sing and try and become famous.)

Several drinks in, we finished up our delicious dinner and low-and-behold out-of-nowhere a manager/waiter/jerk kneeled in between Emily and I, asking us to quiet down because our voice carries. Like I said, we were there for dinner. Most people converse over dinner and if there's someone playing music, they're just background noise. I was in shock, trying to process what was just said (some things never change, I've been told this my whole life, but never expected it at a restaurant!) and Emily got fired up. When Victoria went to sign her bill, this is what she said:
Not for the guy who told us to be quiet. AJ rocks! Tip ONLY for AJ! *AJ was our waiter that was super cool and nice about the whole situation. He also said the other waiters were jealous he got our table....just saying.

Needless to say, we probably caused a scene, asked for our checks and left vowing never to go back. While waiting outside for everyone, a different guy approached me saying they play music Friday and Saturday, but I'm welcome anytime without music.....why not tell me I'm welcome any day but Monday through Sunday?!!? I was slightly offended I was the one called out...Puckett's, I'm so over you.

All-in-all we had a great night! Happy birthday Victoria!


Victoria said...

I am laughing out loud at my desk right now. Good times... We are loud and proud! Thanks again for coming... I love my friends!!

Lenzi said...

I can't believe this! It's probably a good thing I wasn't there. $hit would have hit the fan!