Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bundle of Joy

As most of you know, the south was hit by crazy snow storms. It's been insane how much snow we've had this winter. I used to LOVE the snow, but it tends to get annoying when you have on a weekend, I'm ALL about the flakes!
Anyways, Matt and I both played hookie/snowed in and went and played in the snow. I wasn't fully prepared when I was snowed in at his place, so this is how he dressed me to go play in the snow. Cute, I know. I'm just praying I don't end up on a Fashion Don't list! I almost refused to wear the scarf and let me neck freeze because it was Auburn colors and even if they are in the SEC, I CAN'T for-the-life-of-me, cheer for them!
He then proceeded to make snowballs and throw them at me......I didn't have any gloves and therefore, couldn't make any snowballs to throw back at him. I lose.

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Robin said...

you guys are so cute