Thursday, January 20, 2011

City Girl Goes Country

My weekend started off antsy. I am a horrible traveler when it comes to driving. I'm anxious and ready to get there. We pulled into Water Valley around 10:00PM where Matt's mom had taco soup waiting for us. I gave her the bread and olive oil (which she thought was wine until the next day) and we finished one loaf that night. It was a hit and she told everyone we saw that weekend about it! Made me think, "Score! Got points on that one!"

Saturday, we went to lunch at his grandparents "up the hill" (everything was up the hill, down the hill, on the hill) and I learned how to play cards. Not only was it my first ro-de-o, but I beat his mom and grandma! We cut up, cracked up and had fun. We took the five minute tour of Water Valley - population 4,000 - it was the cutest little town and reminded me of a snow village. Everybody knows everybody and we ran into some locals where his mom introduced me and said I'd never been on a two lane road before.....I have been, just the ones I've been on have lines.

Anyways, later that night we went to dinner at Taylor Grocery - the cutuest hole-in-the-wall catfish restaurant. Matt's cousins who are eleven and thirteen got hold of a permanent marker and oragami bird - and the outcome is "Stay away a bird pooped on me." Gross, but couldn't help but share!

Afterwards, we went to Oxford and walked around the square where we found a bookstore and once again, cut up. I'm shocked we weren't asked to leave - and by "we", I mean Matt, his mom and me.

On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to be close to Memphis and were able to make it in for Baby Ava's first birthday party. As always, she was the most adorable ladybug I've ever seen. Lenzi and her family went above and beyond. I'll be lazy and let you click on Lenzi's name to read all about it =)

Later that afternoon we made our way back to Water Valley and played cards at his parents friend's house where I, once again, won cards. Amazing, but true. We laughed so much I think I almost burned the calories I drank in red wine. Doubtful.

Weekend Recap: I had an AMAZING weekend, couldn't ask for my boyfriend's parents to be anymore amazing, learned how to play cards, saw backroads without lines and got in touch with my inner country girl. Yeehaw!

*More pics and details may follow, but I'm not promising anything just yet.

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Lenzi said...

Aww I loved reading about your trip! So glad you had fun and "passed!" I can't believe you won cards twice in a row - I mean I can believe it - but I can't. And so glad you made it to Memphis!