Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junk In The Trunk

While we were in Water Valley visiting Matt's parents, we found him an old antique trunk at his grandparents that can be used as a coffee table. Well, it looks amazing and is so unique, buuuuuuuuuut there's a big lock. Would we happen to know where the key is to unlock it? Why, of course not!

We had a four hour drive home with the trunk in the back seat, a mysterious rattle and no key to figure it out. You can only imagine the scenarious that came up - dead body, a clown, skull, treasure map, antique war stuff, the lady that owned the trunk had little kids as slaves, jack-in-the-box. Now that was my favorite - a jack-in-the-box - Matt was afraid he'd look in the rearview mirror and all of a sudden it'd pop open - I couldn't help but make the noise before it pops open!

It will remain our Unsolved Mystery until we find a locksmith or key to open it and discover the treasure. The excitement is killing me, so I hope it's something good inside!


Lenzi said...

I love those peg games! Like they have at Cracker Barrell! Can't WAIT to find out what's in this thing!

Victoria @ Confessions of a Twenties Girl said...

Oh wow! that is SO exciting and fun! I love things that look pretty and mean something too. Jealous!