Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mystery Solved - Junk In The Trunk Part II

In and old post Junk In The Trunk, I mentioned an old trunk Matt got from his grandparents that was locked with something inside. It was making a rattling noise the entire ride home and, of course, we had no key to unlock it.

Low-and-behold, we got the antique trunk open! After taking an electric drill and hammer to it, it's now permanently opened. Trunk lock - 0. Matt - 1. It wasn't nearly as exciting as we'd thought up - gold coins, skull, guns, you name it. But it is incredibly neat to see the inside.....There's dresser drawers on one side and hangers on the other side. It's like a dresser in a box!

My initial reaction was "OMG, you could travel for like a month with this thing!" Matt responds with, "Well, back in the day it was used to travel for months." Now that just has me depressed because why can't we pack up and go travel for months? Oh yea, responsibilities and grown-up things like jobs.

Now that the suspense is over; the trunk is soaked in febreeze and stocked with dryer sheets to air out the "old" smell. As for me, instead of imagining what's inside the trunk, I'm now going to imagine what I can pack inside the trunk and where all I can travel to for months at a time. Australia, Spain, Germany, oh the possibilities!

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Victoria @ Confessions of a Twenties Girl said...

How exciting! Glad to know whats finally in there!