Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Indians for a Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Matt and I rented a Tipi - yes, a totally legit tipi - one like Inidans sleep in. It has a kitchenette, bathroom, deck and heated matress/bed. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to sleep in a tipi for a weekend! Matt's family has several cabins that they rent out and this happens to be one of them.


I looked up our Indian names online, but have yet to find one I really like and approve of. Also, I bought us Indian headdresses so we can take our Christmas card photo and make things interesting! Next thing on my shopping list - face paint. I'm taking this whole Indian thing to the extreme, but who can say they stayed in a tipi besides LP?!?!
Anyways, for the weekend of May 27-30, we'll be playing Indians - there will be no cowboys.


Lenzi said...

Nu uh!!! This is sooo awesome!! OMG a real life tepee! How many times during the weekend will you put your hand over your mouth and make the indian noise?! Probably more than you can count! Love it!

Robin said...

Does it come with ac?